Join Our Moon Lamp Team

01. About our studio

Our Studio is a dedicated team of artists, designers, illustrators and producers. Together, we’re proud to collaborate with architects and property developers around the world, bringing ideas to life in 3D.

As a collective committed solely to visualising buildings and spaces, we’re true industry specialists – we understand the technical nuances, project processes and journey touchpoints required to transform an architect’s vision into something commercially viable.

Because, while we love creating stunning designs in the digital realm, we love seeing them in the real world even more.

Welcome to our WoodMart website

02. Developers team

The team at The Night Light like you, are all obsessed with the moon. We were so excited when we discovered Moon Lamps, unfortunately we were left extremely disappointed by the many sellers on auction sites selling poor build quality moon lamps and their bad customer service.

After one too many bad auction site experiences we decided the amazing moon lamp needed a dedicated store and team that cares about product quality and excellent customer service. was born from our love of moon lamps and our bad experiences from moon lamp online sellers.

We are now the premier moon lamp seller and each one of our customer love the quality of our Moon Lamp and our excellent UK customer service. We are happy to answer all your moon lamp questions.

Daniel Murray

Junior Developer

Jessica Middleton

Creative Designer

Charlotte Clayton

Computer Design Specialist